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What To Do If You Oversalt

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Does this ever happen to you when your cooking? Adding salt to your dish is always good but too much salt can be very bad for the palate.  Do you know what to do if you find yourself in this predicament with an averly salted dish? I know that when this happens there is no […]

(Image: newyork808/Flickr) Having enough food is never an option in my house… I think there is always so much more after we all eat Thanksgiving day that everyone can take a doggy bag home. I know, its insane! But I know for some of us it is difficult to calculate how much is really needed […]

Tips For Perfect Deep Frying

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(Image: Daniel Greene/Flickr) Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned fried chicken? Or what about fried anything??? I know me and mine love fried chicken, there’s just something about fried chicken or anything that is thrown in the deep fryer that makes you feel homesick. For safe and tasty frying tips check below: Make sure the […]

Quick Lemonade Cocktail Recipes

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When life hands you lemons make lemonade, well in this case that and a little extra for a kick! Have extra lemonade on hand make these three quick lemonade cocktail recipes: Pink Lemonade Cocktail  Mix 2 cups of Lemonade, 3 (12 ounces) of beer, 3/4 cups of vodka, and ice. Lemon-champagne sparkler  Mix 1 cup […]

Produce Spotlight: Figs

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Summer is over, though I see some people trying to hold on for dear life….  Give it up its done for this year, but Autumn is here which just totally excites me… YAY! But for those that are just holding on to summer a little longer a perfect fruit that can help you end summer […]

New Recipe Bookmarks for Cookbooks

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Are you one of those people who tags and bookmarks all types of recipes in your cookbooks or magazines? I know I am…. If you walked into my kitchen you would find all my cookbooks have either ripped out colored paper or colored sticker bookmarks sticking out of them on every side. The only bad […]

Spice Up A Bagel Spread

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(Image: gtrwndr87/Flickr) Yom Kippur, the holiest of the Jewish holidays.  It is a day where the central theme is centered on repentance and atonement. Jews traditionally observe this holy day with a 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer, often spending most of the day in synagogue services. A common way to end the fasting of the […]

7 Ways to Eat Broccoli

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Of all the vegetables that my children will eat at dinner, Broccoli is the one that is pretty much a go and not an argument anymore. The only problem I have now is coming up with different ways to serve them to my kids.  Coming up with different recipes for my children to enjoy these vitamin packed vegetables allows […]

Which Foods Cannot Be Frozen?

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Do you ever wonder what foods you should place in your freezer to keep over time?  While I was researching this subject I cam across this article from Real Simple, stating that the majority of foods that contain a lot of water should not be frozen.  Though I am sure that many of us will […]

When to Replace Dry Baking Ingredients

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Do you wonder how long you should keep that bag of flour or sugar, especially since baking is not your forte? Having fresh flour on hand when wanting to make your famous pecan pie for thanksgiving that comes around only once a year can be tiresome.  Make sure that your dry baking ingredients are up […]

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