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How to make: Crepes

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Crêpes, Crêpes, Crêpes, Crêpes, Crêpes, Crêpes, Crêpes, Crêpes! (In my singing voice) Phewwww, trying say that 10 times fast… 🙂 Crêpes are thin-like pancakes that can be stuffed with sweet or savory fillings.  Living in France years ago a good friend of the family would make crêpes for us whenever we asked.  I remember how easy […]

How to make a Perfect Omelet

In: How To, Recipes

                        I think so many of us are afraid at making omelets at home.  We think that the only place we can get a delicious omelets is at a buffet where you have the chefs making them as you wish right in front f […]

Keys to Making the Perfect Burgers

In: How To, Recipes

The keys to making the perfect hamburger is really simple.  You really need to first get some really pretty, (for some of you pretty wouldn’t describe meat… but you know when meat just has a pretty look to it), well I always like to go for ground beef with a 80%-20% fat to lean ratio.  […]

How To Cook Bacon

In: How To, Recipes

Do you find yourself sometimes taken on a cloudy dream surrounded by juicy strips of bacon floating you along…. When I was a little girl, most mornings my mom would fry up strips and strips of bacon for me, my sisters and brother.  I remember sleeping so soundly until the smell of bacon took over […]

Pasta Do’s and Dont’s

In: How To

Pasta is one of the easiest dishes to make.  It can be paired with any type of sauce and added to any dish.  But sometimes it can have a tendency of not being cooked properly or cooked too much.  Here are a few Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to cooking Pasta. Do’s * Use a large […]

How To: Cook Quinoa

In: How To

(Image: Daniel Greene/ Flickr) Quinoa is very tasty and versatile, which allows it to be added or replaced in most recipes such as rice or couscous. Cooking quinoa is similar to cooking rice, by how fast and easy it takes to make it.  There are three different kinds of quinoa that can be found in markets: the […]

How To: Remove Garlic Smell Off Hands

In: How To

Ever have the smell of garlic lingering on your hands hours after you season and cook your dish of choice? No matter how much I love the taste of garlic in my food, I absolutely hate the lingering potent smell it gives off on my hands and I don’t know about you but smelling like […]

How To: Throw A Wine Party

In: How To

A wine party is a great way to experience new and unfamiliar wines with intimate friends in the comfort of your home.  The tasting allows you and your friend to not only have a chance to catch up in conversation but also the chance to learn and educate yourselves on new and different wines as […]

How To: Decode A Wine Label

In: How To

Confused with all that small print wine mumbo jumbo on the wine label… Does it all just sound foreign to your ears? Learn to decode the label and become a wine extraordinaire! Especially in time to host your own wine party…. The most important pieces of information on a wine bottle label are the grape, the […]

How To: Prevent Freezer Burn

In: How To

Follow these easy tips to keep your frozen foods fresh. Ever wonder what those grayish, frosty spots that you find on the surface of foods,they are known as freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when food is improperly wrapped and exposed to too much oxygen.  This technically is a process of chemical sublimation and is done […]

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