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Do You Memorize Recipes?

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(Image: cafemama/Flickr) When you cook, do you follow a recipe? Now if you do, let me ask you this… Do you have any recipes memorized? If so, how many? I started to think about this little question after making my grandma’s banana bread… and that is just something I could actualy make with my eyes […]

To tell you the honest truth I never understood the differences between dressing and stuffing.  To me these two words always came upon and questioned my thinking during Thanksgiving time.  I guess due to the oh so many fall recipes that are running around dressing and stuffing was bound to be right there on the […]

(Image: Velo Steve/Flickr) It’s almost Thanksgivong time and you have some guests that are vegetarians… What do you do?!? Don’t Panic! One thing that is for sure try and have a few items plus a main course, like tofurky, that can accommodate to your turkey-free eating family and/or friends.  One thing always you cannot go […]

Can Food Affect Your Dreams?

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(Image: Bob Willoughby/Flickr) As a child I rememebr my mom and teachers always telling me to eat a big breakfast before an exam.  That way I would be fueled and my brain functionality would kick in high gear.  As a mother I find myself telling my son and daughter the same thing and preparing a […]

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

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Beautiful, Fall colors is always the way I go when I decorate my tables for Thanksgiving. It’s something about combining golds, browns, yellows, oranges, and burgundy that put a smile on my face when I walk into my kitchen, especially when its all topped off with burning candles. 🙂 See I’m smiling! Bring the beauty […]

(Image: jilbean3/Flickr) With the holidays rolling in one after the other and celebrations are being planned the kitchen become a meeting ground for everything.  As I was in my kitchen this morning I was looking around my countertops and saw that it was clean.  No i am not saying I have a messy kitchen, I […]

What is Caramelization?

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(Image: methTICALman/Flickr) Caramelization occurs when sugars are heated so much that their molecules break down.  These molecules will in turn react to brown the sugar and create hundreds of new and varied flavors. Any type of sugar can caramelize, but glucose and fructose are “reducing sugars,” which means they react more easily to form new flavors. […]

What Is Dulce de Leche?

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(Image: Chez Pim/Flickr) Story takes place at 8:30AM, Wednesday morning…. Customer: Oh My!  That smells wonderful… Me: Well of course it does, come get a fresh, healthy made right in front of you delicious crepe! Customer: Do you have any sweet breakfast crêpes? Me: We have a wide assortment of crepes, what’s your guilty pleasure? […]

Have You Ever Tried Hard Dough Bread?

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Hardo Bread or Hard Dough Bread is absolutely positively DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! If you have never had hardo bread then, YES you are deprived… (Just kidding) 😛 But seriously… you need to try some STAT! Hardo bread is a staple food item that can be found in EVERY Jamaican household, whether in another state or country.  Hardo […]

(Image: Tim Waters/Flickr) I think that we are all creatures of habit, and the main thing that we all go by is “We eat with our eyes!”  I know that I am victim of this, in order for something to be consumed I know that it must have a nice looking presentation and be appealing […]

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