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Ten in 10: Week 3 Update

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Can you believe that January is almost done!  Thats right… It’s feeling a little surreal, when just the other day it was New Years and we were celebrating and making our new years resolutions.  If you have all been following me on twitter (which by the way is a must @thatssoyummy :-)) then you already […]

Lift Up Your Hearts and Prayers For Haiti

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Who would ever of thought that one of the poorest caribbean islands in the world would be in complete chaos this week.  Haiti, my little beautiful Haiti has been a victim of one of the world’s worst earthquakes in time.  If you have been watching the news and surfing the internet you are all aware […]

Do you ever wake up and just have this huge sense of feeling overwhelmed? Like maybe you start doubting yourself and start to question your path? Or maybe you come to find out that your immense passion for one thing in your life has subsided and all of a sudden a deep longing to step […]

Stop and Smell The Flowers

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(Image: I Shutter/Flickr) Dear Reader, I know that I have been all consumed with prepping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining this past week.  I know that I have been far away and not very communicative in the last few days.  I apologize.  Just like you, I too spent a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday with my loved ones […]

How Do You Get Ready For Thanksgiving?

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(Image: DaDaAce/Flickr) So the countdown is on and there’s only two more days till Thanksgiving is here.  As you all know I have pretty much been planning this menu for the past couple of months.  If your anything like me you find yourself in the kitchn on days end just thinking and cooking and making […]

This Is My Favorite Time

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(Image: ZedZap/Flickr) Mmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmmm……. Thanksgiving is almost finally here!  I think actually I know that I have been dreaming of this special holiday since, OH… last year November! 🙂 Thanksgiving to me has always been a time where no matter what my whole family would gather together and celebrate our love for one another. […]

What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

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(Image: Kelly Gifford/Flickr) I must admit, that I am more prone to buy candy for Halloween that I like more than anything just incase there is left over. 😀 I know, I know…. that’s bad huh?! Well I can’t help it, ever since I started trick-or-treating as a child I would go goo goo over […]

Autumn Is Here!

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(Image: John Carleton/Flickr) As the leaves change their color and the trees become slender and the breeze becomes cooler, I find myself saying goodbye to summer and hello to my hearts desire… Autumn. To the waking of pumpkins and spices and everything that embodies deep warming colors and soul awakening flavors.  Autumn to me is […]

Amazing Weekend Due To Blogalicious 2009

In: Thoughts

If any of you were  wondering what I was doing this past weekend, well let me just tell you all I attended the Blogalicious 2009 in Atlanta, GA. First, before I dive into what an incredible, inspirational weekend I had let me give you a little background information on this wonderful perfectly planned event.  Blogalicious […]

Do You Cook With Your Kids?

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I think now a days it is very easy for parents to always feel as if their days are getting shorter and tasks are getting longer.  To feel as if rushing is the only option to get food on the table for the kids and family. I know this because I used to be this! […]

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