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What Food Is Your Comfort Food?

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(Image: Exile in suburbia/Flickr) Is there a specific food you just go to for comfort? You know, a food that even on your toughest days, like being stuck at work and just wanting to go home, bad weather, feeling under the weather, or last fighting with your bestest friend. The kind of food that the […]

What Fall Foods Are You Excited For?

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(Image: TinaVega/Flickr) Hmmmmmmmmm……… Let’s think about it. There are a few things that I am excited for this fall, like the change of weather, though living in Orlando it is pretty HOT here still, so I’m waiting for it to cool down a little. But the ultimate thing that I cannot wait for is Thanksgiving […]

If you were unable to listen to me being interviewed on “The Chatterbox Show” by Christie The Chatterbox this morning, don’t feel sad or left out because you can listen to it here right now!!!! Thanks Christie it was a blast! Hope you like it… Enjoy!!!! ūüôā

Love It: Paper Menus Turn Take-Away Bags!

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These¬†adorable, creative yet elegant brown paper bags were the handiwork and creativeness of¬†Casey Solomon and Karen Mordechai, the duo behind Sunday Suppers. ¬† Sunday Supers is a Brooklyn based cooking class that shares ideal fresh foods with great friends. ¬†If I was in the neighborhood I would definitely be out there. ¬†So if any of […]

Is it ok to answer your cell phone during dinner? I ask this question because there have been so many times when I would be eating with my father or even some friends and y phone would ring and I would always wonder “should I answer it or let it go to voicemail?” Unless I […]

When Should You Tip More Than 20 Percent?

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Most of the time, you need not tip more than 20 percent, but here are some occasions when you should be more generous: 1. Exceptional service where you wouldn‚Äôt expect it. If the waiter arranges a special pasta dish for you, sings happy birthday to your daughter, or replenishes that drink you just finished off […]

Do You Listen to Music While Cooking?

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Some may say that cooking is an outlet for them, a chance to just be by ones self and attain some peace and tranquility. Sometimes one may feel the need to slip in their favorite CD and jam while chopping and¬†saut√©ing. ¬†When I am in my¬†kitchen I love listening to music¬†especially¬†oldies R and B. ¬†I […]

Are you a “Foodie?”

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¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I have been hearing a lot of people ask this question lately… “What is a Foodie?” I have even been asked if I consider myself to be a foodie…. and I Do! In¬†definition¬†terms, a Foodie is¬†someone who has a deep interest in food. In addition to […]

What Cuisines Don’t You Cook?

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This question was asked on The Epi-Log and I just found myself thinking of which¬†cuisines¬†I never cook. ¬†I think I might agree with Sarah Kagan, the writer who posted this question, on Indian. ¬†Love it, could eat chicken tikka masala all the time but shy away from cooking it myself. ¬†Now, the real question is […]

Hamburgers and Fries Bakerella Style

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Ok, so just when I think Bakerella can’t come up with anything else that is adorable she blows me away and completely tops herself. ¬†Above she has created a great Father’s Day treat for all those wonderful dads out there. According to Bakerella¬†Cupcake Buns + Brownie Burgers + Cookie Fries = “One Happy Meal!” Just […]

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