I have the greatest pleasure to be a part of something that means the world to me.  Now you all know that children are special… ALL children are special and ALL children deserve the right to eat healthy and delicious foods.  As a mother I have come to learn that the teaching begins with me… it is my duty to not only help my own children but others as well in learning and playing a part in where our food comes from.  Showing children the beauty of what can be created by using fresh produce and veggies and then seeing how delicious a dish can turn out is so rewarding.  Knowing that you were able to give that child the ability to see food in another light.

Jamie Oliver has began a FOOD REVOLUTION!  May 19th Jamie has asked for all who love food just as much as he… and I… and who are willing to come together and share information, skills, resources and knowledge of food to others who are willing to listen.  Food Revolution is about connecting with your local neighbors, schools, businesses, restaurants, and inspiring people to change the way they eat.  To bring food education back to where it all begins, in school.

For me this is especially special because May 19th falls on the day after my precious daughter’s birthday.  You see Kayla and I have a love bond over food.  We cook together any and every chance we get, you can see that through the multiple cooking videos we have started.  Not only that, Kayla is where I got the name for this fabulous blog, ThatsSoYummy.  She is my inspiration and why I do what I do.  Seeing her love for food grow and her hunger for knowledge about food brings me so much joy.  When I was planning  Kayla’s birthday party I knew how much she loved to be in the kitchen with me and how much she loves to show others her passion for cooking, I knew we needed to have a cooking party.  But when I saw the date for Jamie’s Food Revolution I knew I needed to combine the two.

I thought that not only would it give my daughter a chance for her to show her skills in the kitchen with her friends but it would also give me a chance to teach these adorable kids where our food comes from and have them be the chefs for the day and see the amazing delicious treats they can make on their own.

Now I know you are asking yourself how you can play a part in such a wonderful event, but there are so many ways like taking your child, next door neighbor or even soccer team to the local farmers market and showing them all the delicious produce there is.  You can create your own event or host your own dinner party.  Nothing has to be over the top or extravagant.  It just has to come from the heart.

To learn more click here, to donate you can simply click here, and to see where the funds are going click here.