Have you guys noticed anything different to the recipes that have been posted???

Let’s see how observant you all are… come on anything different at all…

ThatsSoYummy has partnered up with Ziplist.  An online place where recipes and shopping lists can be stored and created… I know pretty cool, right.  The best part is that not only can you save your favorite recipes from ThatsSoYummy to your personal favorites on ZipList, you can also save favorites from so many other sites as well.

A couple of other awesome things you can do with Ziplist is that you can add ingredients from your saved recipes to grocery lists which can be accessed from your phone, talk about convenience.  You can also create your own “Weekly Menu Planner” by adding any recipe to yourmeal queue,” just like using Netflix… hehehe!!!

If you want to save a recipe to your recipe box, just click on the “Save Recipe” button above the main photo of the recipe on the recipe page.

Picture 1


If you don’t already have an account with ZipList, you will be prompted to create one.


Picture 5

Once logged in, you can easily add recipes to your recipe box from ThatsSoYummy, or any site using ZipList.

At anytime, if you want to check what recipes are in your recipe box, just click on the “Recipe Box” link in the red navigation bar at the top of the site.  You can also check items that you have already in your grocery list and meal planner.

Picture 3









I am still in the process of adding this fabulous new gadget to past recipes, so just bear with me in case you come a cross one that doesn’t have this nifty save recipe button… it will!

Hope you enjoy using Ziplist as much as I have been…. If you have any questions let me know…



Enjoy and see you next time!