Cookouts are here full force and steak time is upon us again.

What kind of juicy cut of steak are you?

Do you like a sizzling rib-eye or a top choice filet mignon.  Here’s a guide for those carnivore that really want to sink their teeth into!


Rib Eye aka Delmonino Steak

– naturally tender cuts cook up juicy, having a rich flavor of caramelization.

– are sold bone-in and can be bought bone out as well.  Leaving the bone in gives the meat a more dramatic presentation.

– The lots of marbeling makes it self-basting.

– These steaks run pricey so look for cuts with a large “eye” and less surrounding fat.

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Top Round aka London Broil

– Very lean having a mild flavor.  it is slightly dense and chewy.

– It is in-expensive with no fat for trimming.  The shape of this steak allows it to easier to slice.

– Marinating this meat will tenderize it.

– Try not to overcook your meat, this will turn the meat into leather.

– Carve this meat against the grain.  This meat is great in sanwiches, definitely a “Best Buy.”


Skirt Steak aka Fajita Steak

– This meat is juicy and flavorful.  Quick cooking and easy to grill.

– Due to firm grains that allow the meat to soak up the seasonings, this meat is great for dry rubs and marinades.

– Best served rare to medium-rare.  Cooking longer will toughen the meat.

** This cut is a “Best Buy as well.”


Filet Mignon aka Tenderloin Steak

– This steak has a mild flavor.

– This meat is expensive, unlike the other cuts before.

– This meat does not need to be trimmed and doesn’t shrink much when cooking.

– Try to avoid acidic marinades they will destroy the fine grain and turn the meat mealy.

– Best eaten rare or medium.

– This meat is great cold and chopped up due to its tender parts.


Strip Loin aka Strip Steak or New York Strip Steak

– This meat is known as a beef lover’s steak.

– This meat is low maintenance, cooks evenly, easy on the grill, broil or pan.

– Serve rare or medium-rare.  Meat will turn mealy if overcooked.


T-Bone Steak

– A “steakhouse” lovers choice of meat.

– A juicy strip of meat.

– The bone adds much flavor to the meat and seals in the juices.

– Those that love sucking on the bone at the end of the meal knows that this meat is the best!