Ants…. these little annoying crawly buggers that love to attack anything that might sit on your counter for more than 20 minutes at a time.  I started thinking about a way to get rid of these tiny critters after speaking with my sister who happens to be a victim of these lil monsters.  Every time Aly, my sis, leaves out a box of donuts or cookies that are still in the container mind you, she comes back to find an army of ants feasting on her beloved sweets, and if you knew my sister you would know that doesn’t sit well with her at all!
I know that these creepy crawlies usually come out when they sense anything sugary.  Thats why it is so important when wanting to kill them you need to make sure to get them inside of their colony and allowing the ants to take it back inside their colony and sharing it with their friends and queen.  

When you see a trail of ants follow the path and see where it leads.  While following the path make sure to scrub down the line with vinegar scrubbing away all the remnants of the nasty little buggers until you get to the opening of the colony.  When you reach the entry way fill it with Borax or diatomaceous earth and seal it off with clear caulk.  Go around the inside and outside of the house, finding their entryways and blocking them off with more Borax and diatomaceous earth and clear caulk.

There are a few ways though that can really help you combat this takeover besides the above method… make sure to keep your house and kitchen EXTREMELY clean!  Wiping down the counters after use, sweeping and mopping the floors clean, not leaving food out, and keeping sugary foods well-sealed.  Also don’t forget to seal dry pet food in airtight containers.