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4 Secrets to Meal Planning

Do you ever feel as if there is never enough time to prepare your meals for your family during the week?  I know I did, especially when you are rushing home after work being asked the Number 1 question “What’s For Dinner?”

For me, I set aside 15 minutes, every Saturday and put together my meals for the upcoming week.  By creating my shopping lists I allow myself more time to spend with my family and not worrying about what we will eat.

Try the following tips and see if any can work for you.

1.) Get Started

Start by gathering ideas from your family members and ask if any have any special requests they would like for you to make for dinner.  You can incorporate each child’s help by choosing one of each favorites per night.

2.) Keep Sides Simple and Easy

For each recipe chosen keep the sides easy.  Doesn’t make sense to chooses sides that take longer to cook then the main course.

3.) Portion Control

Always make sure that if your recipe calls for large servings that you are able to take them to work for lunch or to eat for leftovers at home, as a substitute meal for the week.  Just divide any extra into single-serving containers and always make sure to place and store it on the top shelf in the refrigerator in plain sight.  This will avoid your forgetting that it is there and will not go to waste.

4.)  Set-up your Grocery List

Once you have decided on your recipes and sides, make your grocery list.  Always check your pantry and refrigerator to see if you already have any of the ingredients that each recipe calls for.  This will limit your shopping spending and may even cut your list down in half.

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