Deep Dark Brownies

4 Nov 2013 In: Recipes

deep dark brownies

Before I was pregnant I always had a craving for sweets.  But not candy, sweets… Dessert sweets!  I have always had a sweet spot for chocolate brownies, actually I have always had a sweet spot for any dessert that is chocolate.  Now since I have been pregnant I haven’t really had a sweet tooth for anything which is really strange.  I keep waiting for the cravings to come but they haven’t yet.

Until one day I wanted brownies.  but not just any kind of brownies I wanted an over the top deep chocolate brownie.  I remembered Lori from RecipeGirl sharing a recipe for deep dark brownies and I knew I needed to make it.

deep dark brownies 3

These brownies were soft and fudgy but had a deep dark chocolate flavor that just hit the spot.  The perfect ending for a chocolate craving!

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Picture 4

You guys are all aware of how much my daughter and I love to cook. Well you also may know already that KK loves to cook on her own as well. She has definitely been spreading her wings in the kitchen lately and I absolutely LOVE it!

Ever since she was a little girl she has always loved following me i the kitchen and being my shadow. I think KK partly loves to cook because she loves the ability to be creative and think outside the box. She likes to try and put her own spin on recipes and loves to watch. We especially love to watch other kids cooking on television, like Rachael Ray vs Guy Fieri Kids Cooking Contest and of course Masterchef Junior.

A couple of weeks ago I asked KK if she wanted to enter into Uncle Ben’s Bens Beginners Cooking Contest this year. This contest is a National Contest that empowers and encourages families cooking together and making healthier choices. The contest has received hundreds of entries from families nationwide.


Of course the minute I mentioned it she absolutely squealed and started jumping up and down saying yes she wanted to enter again. Last year, their first year hosting the contest, she had entered and loved the experience.

FOX 35 News Orlando

This year we kicked off the voting process by being featured on FOX35 News Good Day Orlando, which for KK was so cool. She was so nervous and giddy but did an awesome job and I was son proud of her.

Picture 2

Next she was also featured in the Orlando Sentinel talking about the contest and informing people on how to vote.

To Vote for KK and her Cajun Shrimp and Rice CLICK HERE!!!!!

You see the only way to win is to vote. You can vote once a day, every day, every 24 hours. If selected as a grand prize winner, KK could win $15,000 cash and also receive a $30,000 cafeteria makeover for her school, Timber Lakes Elementary. Plus, two members of the family would also appear on the Rachael Ray Show. Pretty cool stuff huh!

Picture 3

Voting has been going strong and is still going. It will end October 27th! So it is so important to get your vote in ASAP EVERYDAY!!!!!


Thanks so much guys!!!!

Tasha & Kayla

Lately I have been on a HUGE sandwich kick. I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant but I notice lately I have been eating a whole lot more of sandwiches. My new big thing is adding tasty spreads to my sandwiches to change them up a bit. Last time I spoke to you all about making a sundried tomato mayo spread which was absolutely yummy.

That’s when I got excited to share with you all something new from Hidden Valley®. Hidden Valley has come up with Hidden Valley Sandwich Spreads and Dips. They have four different flavors: Spicy Chipotle Pepper, Oven Roasted Garlic Parmesan, Smoked Bacon, and Country Herb.

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Jerk Turkey Panini

Have you ever tried Boar’s Head Jerk Turkey before?  OMG!  If you haven’t then now is the time.  I can only find it at Publix and this turkey is spicy with a kick.  It is so yummy especially when its added in a sandwich.  Not just any sandwich but a panini that is filled with melted cheese, spinach, lots of bacon and a out of this world sun-dried tomato mayo.  I’m drooling as I share it with you.

As you all know my husband and I are expecting our third child and I can honestly say that I haven’t had weird cravings or been dying for anything in particular.  The one thing that I do find myself eating alot of are sandwiches, especially paninis.  Weird… huh!  For example when I first made this panini I think I ate for four days straight for lunch.  I don’t know why but it was that good!

jerk turkey panini 3

I think this mayo plays a big part in too, I never used to be a fan for just plain ol mayo but this one has a great flavor when combined with chopped up sun-dried tomatoes.

Trust me the next time you have a hankering for a panini, pick up some Boar’s Head Jerk Turkey and make this mayo, you can add it to anything you want!

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Skillet Chicken Lasagna

13 Sep 2013 In: Recipes

  skillet chicken lasagna











I am such a fan of making meals that require only one pot to make them in.  The ease of not having to dirty a million dishes makes my life so much easier sometimes.  Especially now with being pregnant I need all the ease I can get. :-)  Now although I wast easy, nothing beats comfort food and to me lasagna is pretty comforting, and it doesn’t matter what kind either it can Lasagna Bolognese or Eggplant Lasagna, either way it’s all yummy!  This recipe is even somewhat healthier because I used ground chicken instead of ground beef, you know you gotta switch it up a little bit.  Plus with all of these delicious flavors mixed together it really will feel like a true lasagna.



Lasagna’s one of my families favorite meal of the night, and this awesome recipe only uses one pan to make it… what could be better than that? Read the rest of this entry »

Pear Torte

11 Sep 2013 In: Recipes

pear torte

Do you guys remember when I had the pleasure of hosting the great giveaway from Del Monte® to host a Can Creations gathering with friends to try out some yummy creations with Del Monte® products.  One of the desserts that I share with you all was this delicious Pear Torte that was so simple and easy to make.

I just realized I didn’t really share with you all this recipe, so here it is…


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French Bread Pizza

5 Sep 2013 In: Recipes

French Bread Pizza

When you were younger did you ever try Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza?  When I was a kid I remember every time I would walk down the frozen aisle section in the supermarket, I would always beg my mom for us to buy the frozen french bread pizzas.  I don’t know what it was but they just looked so yummy I needed to have one.  Of course then when we moved to France it was so easy to make them ourselves since we would buy french baguettes every day.













I think one of the best things about these french bread pizzas are that they can be made individually or for large crowds.  The choice of toppings that you can add are pretty yummilicious.  I mean you can go the old fashion way with just pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and maybe some pepperoni.  Or you can jazz it up with alfredo sauce, chicken and Parmesan.  The choices are truly endless. Serve these pizzas either straight out the oven or room temperature, either way its delicious! Now let’s start making some French Bread Pizza:-) Read the rest of this entry »

Sprinkle Gooey Cake Bars

So we are 1 week back in to school and I gotta tell you it feels pretty good.  I mean Yea, the schedules are just getting adjusted and being put in and, Yea, the homework and the projects haven’t really started, but routine has and that my friends… is pretty good.  I think after summer and not having a routine the days just started to roll into one and we didn’t know Monday from a Friday.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m sure in the next few weeks I probably will be singing a different tune– like running around like a mad woman– but as of now things are good.

The summer was pretty great though… the kids traveled all over from Atlanta to Miami and of course let’s not forget our amazing Disney Cruise we went one, which I still need to share those photos, which I promise I will one of these days– will explain the loopiness later on. :-)

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Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

7 Aug 2013 In: Recipes

  Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

Summer is almost finished and the family and I just got back from an awesome week on the Disney Cruise Fantasy, more to come on that in the next few weeks… It’s truly amazing how being at sea for 7 days it takes a while to get used to being back on land… :-)  But I’m back and ready to start cooking and baking and making a mess in my kitchen, so to speak. You already know my love affair with cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and all things pretty much cinnamony (yes, I know that is not a word)… I mean I have made cinnamon roll pull apart muffins, cinnamon roll sugar cake bars, even made cinnamon roll cake.  I’m pretty sure the list could go on but I don’t wanna bore you.



Back to the topic on hand this coffee cake that is filled with a layer of actual cinnamon rolls.  Yep, you heard correctly… I took a can of cinnamon rolls and squished them down as my bottom layer and then made an easy coffee cake mix. How simple is that, pretty simple… why not try it yourself!

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Bacon wrapped BBQ Chicken

11 Jul 2013 In: Recipes

bacon wrapped bbq chicken

What is it about wrapping food in bacon that just turns me on.  I mean seriously everything is better with a little bacon.  Hahaha…. you think I’m nuts! I love to make bbq chicken during the summer, because I love to use my grill.  Now yes, I live in sunny Florida, but that doesn’t mean the grill season is a 12 month event, sometimes you just can’t use your grill here, but on the days that you can My husband and I definitely take advantage of it.











I had some left over chicken breasts in the refrigerator the other day that I knew I needed to cook and decided to do something a little different with it.  I was gonna grill it of course, but before I did I was gonna wrap those babies in some thick cut juicy bacon!



You know your drooling! :-) Simple, and so yummilicious! Spice your next batch of chicken breasts with a little bacon and your favorite bbq sauce…. just make sure you have some wet wipes near by… Your gonna need em!

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