Classic Coke Floats

25 Jun 2013 In: Recipes

coke floats

What do you make when you have a big tub of vanilla ice cream lying around and a few cans of coca cola? You make… Coke Floats!!!!! A coke float is an easy, simple, refreshing combination of vanilla ice cream and Coca-Cola mixed together.  Sounds yummy, right! Read the rest of this entry »

BBQ Bacon Chicken Burgers

18 Jun 2013 In: Recipes

bbq bacon chicken burger

Summertime should really be called grill time.  Any chance I can get to grill outside I’m all for it.  The quintessential food to grill are burgers. I love me some burgers.  Nothing beats a juicy burger filled with cheese and of course some crispy bacon.  What makes these burgers so yummy is that I used some ground chicken and added some barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, lettuce and of course caramelized onions.





Ohhh weee, these were so good! These chicken burgers are a great alternative and a somewhat healthier option then the regular beef burgers.  Especially when the chicken patties are packed with tons of flavor and simple to make. Read the rest of this entry »

Fathers day Folded-Shirt Card Hallmark is one of my favorite stores to shop in.  I love looking through the aisles for that special card for that special someone.  For holidays and special events I find myself in there for hours at a time… don’t ask I just do.  This year however I wanted the kids to do something a little different.  When they were younger they loved to make homemade cards for my husband and I.  This year I found the cutest idea and the kids and I thought that it would be perfect for Father’s Day this year. All you need is construction paper, crayons or colored pencils, glue a little imagination and a lotta love.  The following directions when I first read it were somewhat confusing but thank goodness it had a video tutorial you could follow.  (trust me this video is a lifesaver) I hope the picture tutorial below helps… 😉 PicMonkey Collage9 Plus its a great way to get the kid to put their own decorative spin on the cards… :-) Read the rest of this entry »

Mini Hashbrown Casseroles

12 Jun 2013 In: Recipes


mini hashbrown casserole

Does your family have a favorite recipe that they ask for you to make over and over again.  We have a few of those, and this one, Hashbrown Casserole is definitely a crowd pleaser.  I love this recipe so much because it can be made for large crowds and small ones too.  I always make it for Back to School for the Teachers and faculty, Family Gatherings for Brunch, and I also made it for my daughter’s birthday.

Now for KK’s birthday I changed it up… do you remember me sharing with you her Pancake & Pajama Birthday Party… I made them as hand meld mini hashbrown casseroles.  I wanted it to be easier for the kids and it looked so cute as individual casseroles.  I don;t know what it is but I think the cheesiness combined with the potatoes just make it such a hearty yummilicious breakfast treat.

You can make this as a large casserole dish, just omit making the hashbrown crust and go starting to making the filling and pour it into a greased casserole dish. 😉

Making these are so easy and can be made ahead of time, which really makes life so much easier.  If you haven’t had a chance to make these for your family or friends trust me now is the time to try it, you will ask yourself why have I never made this before.

Now let’s get to the good part…

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Pancake & Pajama Birthday Party {recap}

11 Jun 2013 In: holidays


A few weeks ago it was my daughter’s 8th birthday.  Each year we try different ideas and this year we came up with Pancakes & Pajama theme.  Cute eh! Well it was so much fun and so adorable.  It definitely allowed me to get creative and do a lot of hands on decorating which I have come to realize I love doing… :-)
















I first had to find a color palette and theme for it… I fell in love with Vera Bradley‘s new Tutti Frutti line, so adorable.  When Vera Bradley un-velied her new Tutti Frutti line, she had the help of Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio.  Now what Kim designed this party design for was for a baby shower and not a birthday party.  It was so beautiful I knew I had to use it for KK’s birthday party so I changed it up a bit.


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Strawberry Lemonade

4 Jun 2013 In: Recipes


strawberry lemonade2

Nothing screams summer like fresh homemade lemonade.  I remember as a child that every summer when I was with my Grandma in Jamaica she would make fresh lemonade and would always have me help her squeeze the lemons.  I used to always think ” Wow she is really strong,” because so many lemons would be squeezed. :-)

I wanted to use my classic lemonade recipe but spruce it up this time, so I decided on Strawberry Lemonade.  Now you may be saying to yourself that sounds like more work… but it really isn’t.  It is so easy and simple to make.  You can either use fresh strawberries or frozen whatever you have on hand will do the trick.


strawberry lemonade

This refreshing strawberry lemonade will become a favorite amongst kids and adults.  The perfect beginning to summer vacation! 😉

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I cannot believe that in just 4 days my kids will be out of school for the summer.  Can you believe that… Already!  Wow, how time flies when your having fun. :-)  I can’t wait for the kids to have a little breather and a chance to wake up late and just have a little fun.  I know one of the many things we try and do more often is be outside, and that usually means a lot more picnics and grill outs.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Del Monte® to host a Can Creations gathering with friends to try out some yummy creations with Del Monte® products.  If you guys remember I shared with you a photo of some of the goodies that Del Monte® had sent me which included canned fruits, veggies, strainers, and a lovely apron… which for me I can never have enough!

Here are a few recipes I wanted to share with you that I tested:

Brown Rice with Black Beans, Corn and Tomatoes (I changed this recipe up and added a can of Del Monte® Diced Tomatoes);

Paer torte

Pear Torte (which I couldn’t stop eating),

Peach Caramel Upside Down Cake

and a Peach Caramel Upside Down Cake.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle

30 May 2013 In: Recipes

Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle





This is a long awaited recipe that I have been meaning to share with you all.  Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle…. Mmmmmm!

Are you a fan of trifles?  I never used to be… I mean I’m not really a fan of whipped cream.  But of course you know there is always an exception to the rule.  I was introduced to this recipe a last year during Thanksgiving.  My sister-in-law had found this recipe on EveryDay with Rachael Ray.  I was a little skeptical when she was making it but I said you know what I’ll give it a chance…. oh boy am I happy I did.

Now yes it does have pumpkin, but the beautiful thing is that you can’t even taste it.  Its mixed with marshmallow fluff and homemade whip cream, so don’t let that deter you from making it.  Also it’s layered with chocolate wafers that once put in the fridge allows them to get soft and just soak in with the homemade pumpkin cream and chocolate cream.  Last but not least between each layer is crushed toffee…. YEP, that’s right and of course I like to have toffee in each bite so make sure you sprinkle a lot! :-)

trifle2 Collage

This Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle is such a hit that it has become one of my go to desserts to make for dinners, Teacher Luncheons, and house parties.  Such a yummy treat, that my son who does not like pumpkin LOVES it!

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Cake pops





Cake pops!  The notorious cake pops…. These babies are so delicious and so easy to make.  Yes they take a little time but there are so many short cuts you can take.  I made these for the CFL Food Blogger bake Sale a few weeks ago and again for my daughter’s 8th birthday party (pics will be coming this week, I promise).  They were a huge hit each time and I just needed to share with you all their sweetness.

cake pops

Better late than never right…

I know, I know… I am definitely falling behind in my keeping up with whats going on in my life for ThatsSoYummy.  I have been wanting to give you guys a recap of the Central Florida Food Blogger Bake Sale.  You know the amazing bake sale that is put by food bloggers nationwide to raise money for Share our Strength.

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Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe Ideas

10 May 2013 In: Recipes

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I don’t know about you all but all I ever ask for on Mother’s Day is just to be surrounded by my kiddies and love on them all day.  Now you already know I do that everyday but this Sunday I plan on doing it a lil more. 😉 My kiddies are growing up so fast I just want to enjoy every moment I can with them.  That’s why I think having some yummy easy recipes to start your morning off would be a great start. Here are just a few brunch ideas I think you all may enjoy! :-)

Cinnamon Sticky Buns

  breakfast quesadilla

Breakfast Quesadillas


Nutella swirled Banana Bread

Read the rest of this entry »

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