To tell you the honest truth I never understood the differences between dressing and stuffing.  To me these two words always came upon and questioned my thinking during Thanksgiving time.  I guess due to the oh so many fall recipes that are running around dressing and stuffing was bound to be right there on the top of the list.

If any of you are like me I am sure you have sat down at the table and asked friends and family what the big confusion was with dressing and stuffing.  As if you are discussing politics heated conversations arise and voices become louder trrying to get their point across.

Oh, well maybe that only happens in my loud family! 😛

Well let me put that talk to rest this Thanksgiving for you… Dressing and Stuffing are the same thing.  There is absoultely no difference in ingredients.  They both can be made with the same things.

Huh! you ask yourself.

Allow me to continue with this little revelation.

The only difference is in the preparation.  For dressing, it is prepared right there on the hot piping stove and neatly placed on your beautiful china surrounding your succulent turkey leg, marshmallowy sweet potatoes, and crispy green beans.

Stuffing on the other hand, obviously deals with stuffing or shoving or cramming all the “stuffing ingredients” inside the beautiful bird’s cavity where it will cook and develop its own delectability.

Dressing is usually only talked and made during the holidays bringing a little sophistication to the table and meal.

I don’t know about any of you but whether it is stuffing or dressing, it is still scruptiliumptious on my Thanksgiving table and I cannot wait to dig in! 🙂