Egg-in-a hole grilled cheese

Yep I said it!

I don’t regret it!

What is better than a melty gooey cheesy egg-in-a hole?


How about an EGG-IN-A HOLE GRILLED CHEESE — Ooopps I apologize if I’m screaming at you right now or maybe I should just be apologizing to my computer screen I mean its she that is getting the brunt of the excitement right now oh and my keyboard also — and this baby has bacon in it too!

Egg-in-a hole grilled cheese

{KA POW} Mind Blowing… I know!!!!

Egg-in-a holes are one of my go to breakfast meals on the weekend.  During the week I have absolutely no time to make even a bowl of cereal so when the weekend comes I try and splurge myself with breakfast.. I mean it is the most important meal of the day! 😉

Egg-in-a hole grilled cheese

The best thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to only eat in the mornings you can eat anytime of the day.

Ever heard of breakfast for dinner… Yah! you can do that too.

It’s so simple just get two eggs, two slices of toast, I used Kerrygold Aged Dubliner Cheddar Cheese along with its Irish butter–on a side note let me just tell you I think I could of eaten this whole block of cheese on its own– and bacon!






Egg-in-a hole grilled cheese

Egg-in-a hole grilled cheese

Get in my belly!!!!!!!

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Egg-In-A Hole Grilled Cheese

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 1 sandwich

Having a hard time choosing between an Egg-in-a hole or a Grilled Cheese, combine them both and make a Egg-in-a Hole Grilled Cheese with bacon inside, YUM!



  1. Using a circular cutter, I used the top of my cooking spray--or whatever you find on hand--cut a 2-inch hole from the center of both slices of bread. Melt 1/2 tablespoon of butter in a medium nonstick skillet over medium-low heat.
  2. Once melted, add the two slices of bread. Let the bread lightly toast until slightly golden brown, and then flip the two slices over. Dab the remaining butter in the middle of the bread circles--making sure the egg won't stick.
  3. Crack the eggs into the holes and season with salt and pepper. Allow the eggs to cook for a minute or two. Next, add the grated cheese to one half, cover for another minute, or until the cheese is melted. Add the cooked bacon slices.
  4. Using a rubber spatula, top the cheese/bacon slice with the egg slice. Allow for the sandwich to fuse together and become one... Enjoy!




Enjoy and see you next time!