Do you find yourself sometimes taken on a cloudy dream surrounded by juicy strips of bacon floating you along….

When I was a little girl, most mornings my mom would fry up strips and strips of bacon for me, my sisters and brother.  I remember sleeping so soundly until the smell of bacon took over and lured me out of my slumber.  I used to always wonder how she got the bacon so perfectly cooked and crispy…

Then as I got older I had plenty of mishaps but finally got it together, here’s an easy way to cook delicious crispy bacon!

Cooking Bacon

* Safety First:  When cooking bacon you always want to make sure you shield yourself from any splattering fat.

* Make sure that you have a plate assembled with paper towels for when the bacon is finished cooking to drain on.

*  Choose a large enough frying pan that can accommodate long strips of bacon.  This will allow the bacon to cook evenly.

*  Before turning the fire on, lay the bacon alongside one another in a cold frying pan, making sure no pieces are overlapping.

*  Cook the bacon on medium heat.  If you increase the heat to fast this will make the bacon cook to quickly and end up burning the bacon and burnt bacon in my opinion is NOT yummy. 🙂

*  As you see the bacon starting to shrink, that is when you flip it over with a fork and cook the other sides.  make sure that the bacon stays flat while cooking.  Once you make the first flip, make sure to flip them continuously after every 45 seconds.

*  Once the bacon is fully cooked, transfer the bacon to your plate with paper towels and allow to drain.


* All that is needed after bacon is cooked is to sit down and enjoy!