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So you all already know how much my kids, husband I love breakfast.  I think you all also know how much we all love Pancakes.  Well we love pancakes ALOT!  I think if there was a way to eat pancakes everyday I think we would or at least I know that the kids would try to…

Back in the day before I started cooking, well cooking how I am now, but when let me rephrase that back in the day when I was learning to cook I used to make pancakes from with the nifty Aunt Jemima pancake box.  It was so easy all you had to was either add just water or if you wanted to fell like you were kinda cooking from scratch an egg, oil and milk.


Now a days Aunt Jemima has even gone further and helped families out there by making frozen pancakes or french toast sticks.  Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast “Lil’ Griddles” are the cutest things I’ve seen in the frozen food section.  They are the perfect go-to grab in a pinch breakfast but also gives you the “made from scratch” feel.























I love the fact that Aunt Jemima Lil’ Griddles are made with real ingredients- like eggs, milk and sugar, are bite-sized perfect for lil ones, and  also Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast Lil’ Griddles line has three delicious bite-sized options for family fun; new Aunt Jemima frozen Blueberry Mini pancakes, Aunt Jemima frozen Mini pancakes, and Aunt Jemima frozen Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.

I bet you didn’t know your lil one could have so many options…

What I love most is that Aunt Jemima takes great pride in making frozen pancakes, waffles and French toast just like moms across America make breakfast in their own kitchens  and that they put love and care into every step – from stirring the batter and pouring it on a hot griddle to flipping the fluffy and bubbling pancakes, just like you and I do.


So for all you busy families who love pancakes as much as my family does, but is always in a pinch for time, give Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast a try… because we all know “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”  Aunt Jemima has provided me with a link for you to get a coupon… Enjoy!

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Enjoy and see you next time!