My family and I are so fortunate to live in sunny Florida.  Living here gives us the opportunity to be able to grill out any time of the year… well at least the majority of the year. Lately of course this weather has been acting kinda wacky but none the less, my husband and I are always trying to find some way to use our grill, whether its throwing chicken, veggies, skewers, or steak on.

There’s something about the ease of just going outside by our lake and sitting watching the food grill out while you relax… 🙂 Now we absolutely love a good steak.  I think we vary on how we make our steaks.  For example I used to think that when grilling steak I should always marinate it with tons of seasoning… but one of my favorite ways to season a steak is with a little sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, garlic and rosemary.


I decided to get a few premium ribeye steaks from Walmart’s meat department and have a fun little grill off… I wanted to try two different varieties of marinating the steak and see which one my family preferred.

Now my husband has this thing with his meat having to be cooked well-done and no matter what he always likes to add A1 sauce on top…. How horrible!  I on the other hand like a steak that is juicy, medium and perfect on the inside.  A well done steak is just heartbreaking… I tell him all the time. 🙂

Ok back to the grill-off…

Steak 1: 


I marinated with salt, black pepper, garlic, hoisin and oyster sauce.  This one was going for an Asian inspired feel

Steak 2: 


I went simpler.  I seasoned the steak with chopped garlic, rosemary, salt and black pepper.

Can you smell that?  Smells pretty amazing!  My uncle used to always tell me let the meat stand out on its own, its such a beautiful piece of meat don’t cover it up with so much stuff.


Once the steaks were grilled to perfection I let the judges go to town.  Who the winner was not sure but I do know that no matter what it was enjoyed by all! 🙂


Walmart Steak-over Challenge

Guess what… If you live near one of the cities below, then check out the official Walmart Steak-Over Challenge presented by Kingsford® Charcoal, Dr. Pepper® and A.1.® steak sauce.  Local firefighters from eight different cities will compete to determine who has the best steak-grilling chops in town.

Walmart shoppers in each city will get a front row seat to the event, which will take place in the parking lot of their local Walmart store. Shoppers who attend will have the chance to join in the festivities, taste test Walmart USDA Choice Premium steaks, sample Dr. Pepper and A.1. steak sauce for free, and cast their vote for best steak.

The firefighter finalist from each city will compete on behalf of their station for a $20,000 grand prize in Los Angeles, the week of May 20.

2013 competitions include:

    • Jacksonville, Florida: March 23
    • San Antonio, Texas: March 30
    • Tampa, Florida: April 6
    • Charlotte, North Carolina: April 13
    • Atlanta, Georgia: April 20
    • Kansas City, Missouri: April 27
    • Houston, Texas: May 4
    • Indianapolis, Indiana: May 11
    • Los Angeles, California: Week of May 20

Are you ready to experience Walmart’s Steak-Over for yourself? Find out why you should choose your steaks at Walmart here. We shared our winning grilling tip – now tell us yours!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.