(Image: DaDaAce/Flickr)

So the countdown is on and there’s only two more days till Thanksgiving is here.  As you all know I have pretty much been planning this menu for the past couple of months.  If your anything like me you find yourself in the kitchn on days end just thinking and cooking and making all of that yumminesss for the big day.

I know for me right before Thanksgiving comes along I like to just try and take a few moments to myself and just breathe and relax with my family before all guests and friends surround us.  I am sure that I am not the only person who feels this way either. Whether that means taking an hour or so and going for a walk or run for fresh air, or maybe even just watching a great movie with my kiddies and curling up together on the couch.

How about you, how do you get ready for this big day?