Friends are people who support and share their inner most secrets with one another.

To me friends are some of the closest people in my lives, they are like family.  With my friends I like to stay connected with one another.  Even though there may be days that we don’t talk or even see one other  we know that no matter what our friendship is still there.

I like to think that you and I are friends…

Friends that stay connected to each other through recipes of delicious food.  You see, although, we can’t see each other… we cam still stay connected through you visiting this little blog of mine.

By the way I may not say this enough, but Thanks!  Thanks for the taking time out of your day to spend time with me… It truly means the world to me.

Sometimes I wish I could see all of your faces… especially when you make one of my recipes or watch me and my little princess share our special cooking time with you all.

I like to stay connected with my friends…

I like to be able to talk with you all and see you all.

Did you know that there are a number of ways to stay connected with me?

Yep! There are a few and let me let you in on a little secret, these are only for you… so sshhhhh don’t tell everyone.

1.)  I think we all know or have heard of this one “LIKE” ThatsSoYummy on Facebook.

2.) Follow me and my tweets on Twitter… I love my twitterbugs!

3.) Stumble on me on StumblUpon

4.)Pin me on Pinterest

5.) Watch me on YouTube

6.) Catch me on Instagram

If we aren’t yet friends, can we be??????? 🙂