One Way signs drive me crazy.  I feel that they are so confusing especially when you need to go the other way and realize that you can’t get back there unless you go all the way around or just keep going straight.

I guess life is the same way…

I started blogging in 2009 because a friend told me that I loved food so much why not talk about it.  Of course at the time I thought they were crazy.  I was like “Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say about food?” “I don’t know how to do that,” the biggest question was… “What if no one reads what I write?

What I failed to realize is that I would come to fall in love with talking about one of my passions… FOOD!  Who would of guessed.

I should of rememered that with everything and time blogs evolve, people evolve, and your brand evolve.  Who you are grow and life happens.

Within this time so much has changed, ups and downs, businesses have come and gone, jobs have come and gone, babies have been born, so on and so on.

My perspective on what I wanted ThatsSoYummy has changed.

I started off just wanting to write about food, recipes and such… but I forgot that I’m a mess.  LITERALLY!!!!!  I love to talk about so much more like my kids, our busy hectic lives, life with a teenager, almost teenager, and toddler.  How being an business woman (business owner) is hard.  Being a wife, sister, and a woman is hard, but so rewarding.  Fashion, Makeup and of course my crazy tangents I get on.  But most importantly building up us females i a world that is crazy and scary and uncertain.

I am at a road block and the only way its telling me is ONE WAY… I had stopped for some time but I am now ready to keep moving and change thatssoyummy to a place where you the reader can come find something that can relate to you.

So please bear with me in the upcoming months of the transition of this blog in everything, content, posts, pictures, layout and media.

Don’t worry food will still be shared because if you know me I live to eat!

If you are at a crossroads, roadblock… please share maybe we can all help one another out…