Brooke Burton is an LA-based freelanced food and traveler writer, photographer and restaurant professional.  Brooke does not only lend her insider perspectives in her own food blog, Food Woolf but is also the co-author of The Food Blog Code of Ethics.

Brooke Burton

* Sweet or Savory?

If I’m cooking, it’s savory. The sweet stuff I tend not to cook as much.

* Which ingredient(s) do you use the most?

Olive Oil and salt

* What’s your favorite cooking smell?

Whatever is coming out of my kitchen. I especially love the smells of dishes I’ve cooked before—roasted chicken, braised short ribs, Finnish Pullah bread–because I have sense memories associated with them.

* What is your most favorite cooking sound?

The sizzling in my cast iron skillet is pretty great. But I must admit, the gurgling of my coffee maker gets me pretty excited in the morning.

* In the kitchen, what’s your most treasured possession?

It’s a tie between my sharpest chef’s knife and my cast iron skillet.

zuni chicken

* What is a “faux pas” in your kitchen?

Hmmm. You’ll have to ask my husband that question.

* Is there a food you will not eat?

Food that’s been cooked badly is something I tend to avoid.

* What food is your guilty pleasure?

In-N-Out Burgers, Poky, and Trader Joe’s frozen pizza.

* Have you ever changed how you feel towards a food?

I was a vegetarian for 17 years. Now I love to eat meat. The one thing that hasn’t changed though, is my commitment to eating ethically.

* If you could prepare a dinner for anyone, who would it be?

My dream dinner keeps changing, but I currently would love to cook for Michael Ruhlman, Ruth Reichl, Nancy Silverton, David Leibovitz, and Oprah. Now that’s a dinner party.

ward 8 drink

* If you could choose a living or historical cook to prepare a meal for you, who would it be?

It’s a theoretical tie: either MFK Fisher or Julia Child. I’d love to have 30 minutes in the kitchen with both of those women.

* Which food website/ or blog would you die without?

Matt Bites

* What is your favorite food related word?


* What is your favorite food shopping experience?

One involving a gift certificate.

froma shop

* If you could move, which country would you move to for the food?

Italy. Because the food is fantastic and France isn’t all that far away.

* What’s the dress code in the kitchen when you cook?

Casual. I always wear a bib apron. Usually one I got from my employer (I work in restaurants).

* What would you request on the menu if it was your last supper?

Oysters, Bistecca Fiorentino, and Nancy Silverton’s Butterscotch Budino.

* What food would you prepare to seduce someone?

See previous answer.

* What food are you craving right now?

See previous answer.

* What is your comfort food?

Anything coming out of my kitchen.

caviar and eggs

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