Erica Lea is a high school graduate who has a desire to cook delicious healthy meals for her family of seven.  In her beautiful food blog, Cooking for Seven, Erica displays amazing recipes that have been inspired from her parents and her love of cooking naturally. Please welcome Erica to ThatsSoYummy’s Questionnaire this week.

* Sweet or Savory?

Savory. I do likes desserts, but they are often way too sweet.

* Which ingredient(s) do you use the most?

Butter. It makes just about everything taste better.

* What’s your favorite cooking smell?

Freshly baked bread. The smell is exhilarating.

* What is your most favorite cooking sound?

The sizzle when fresh vegetables hit a hot pan of oil.

* In the kitchen, what’s your most treasured possession?

Our santoku knife. It fits perfectly in my hands and is so sharp.


* What do you look for inside a dish?

Intense flavors; natural ingredients (no highly processed foods); a healthy twist.

* What is a “faux pas” in your kitchen?

Microwaving food. I cringe whenever I see people use it.

* Is there a food you will not eat?

No, but Crisco (or any trans fat) comes very close.

* What food is your guilty pleasure?

This is gonna sound weird, but I really like Frito’s chips with cheddar cheese.

* Have you ever changed how you feel towards a food?

Definitely! I used to hate mushroom & green peppers. Now I love them both.

* If you could prepare a dinner for anyone, who would it be?

My Dad. There is no one’s good opinion I crave more.

* If you could choose a living or historical cook to prepare a meal for you, who would it be?

Tyler Florence. His food is so traditional yet flavorful.

* Which food website/ or blog would you die without?

honeyandjam.com. Hannah’s photography & writing are wonderful.

* What is your favorite food related word?

Chiffonade. It’s just fun to say.

* What is your favorite food shopping experience?

I love visiting health food stores and imagining what I would buy if I had oodles of money.

* If you could move, which country would you move to for the food?

Somewhere in Asia – Thailand, perhaps.

* What’s the dress code in the kitchen when you cook?

Pretty relaxed. Sometimes I wear an apron, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m all dressed up, sometimes I cook in my pajamas.

* What would you request on the menu if it was your last supper?

Shrimp Curry.

* What food would you prepare to impress someone?

My Grandma’s poppy seed torte.

* What food are you craving right now?

Buttered toast spread with homemade strawberry jam.

* What is your comfort food?

Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips.

(Image by Wordle)